Nemanja Vucicevic


Nemanja Vucicevic was born on 11 August 1979 in Belgrade, Serbia. When he was eight, in 1987, he strated training football, however, after being rejected to train in FC Crvena Zvezda he goes to FC Rad. In the same year, in the "petlici" (cockerel) selection, the youngest players selection, Nemanja's team won over Crvena Zvezda in the final game with 5:1 at a tournament, when he scored four goals. He remained in FC Rad until 1996, however, following the reorganization of the club Nemanja, stopped playing for the club, and started looking for a more suitable club that would take him.

After a three-year period of ardous and frequently fruitless search for the right club in various leagues, it was not until 1999 that Nemanja had played his frist professional league match for FC Graficar which was a third-league club at the moment in Serbia.

He made his mark there with successful assistances, and by scoring many goals. Nevertheless, being an ambitios player, always believing in his skills and talent, he started negotations with OFK Beograd football club, where he got a chance to play for a fist-league club. After successful preparations, he started off the football season as a standard player, where he stood out with remarakble play. Furthermore he became a standard player in the National under-twenty one years league. The media wrote about Nemanja's talent coming into ''full bllom" that year when he was declared as one of the most promising young players in Yugoslavia. He was hailed as a player who could dribble on a nickle.

At the end of that season, many European clubs showed vested interest in getting Nemanja including football leagues such as Primera, Calco and Bundeslige. But, Nemanja signed a contract with the Moscow club Lokomotiva, which needed a star player to win the national championship and the Championship's League. As a member of Lokomotiva he won the championship of Russia in 2002-2003, two times in a row he played in the Championship's League in the group with such strong clubs competeing as Real Madrid from Spain, Roma (Italy), Fenerbahce (Turkey) and a few other European clubs. He won the Cup of Russia, and the Super Cup of Russia.

However, as it seems the coach of Lokomotiva did not show due appreciation and understanding of his talent, this resulted in Nemanja's return to OFK Beograd in 2003/04 where once again he demonstrated his luxurious football talent. He then went to German Bundesliga where he signed a contract with Munich 1860. He stayed there for two and a half years, during which time the German media dubbed him as the King of Dribbling (Kunig Dribbling).

In 2007 he signed a contract with FC Cologne whose prime motiv then was to leave zweite, the German second league, and enter the first Bundesliga. In a fiendly match against Eintracht Trier, Nemanja scores a goal for Cologne, which goal was declared by the public vote as the best goal of the month. Nemanja stayed in Cologne until 2009, and the whole time from 2005 to 2009 he was always on the verge of being selected for Serbian representation, unfortunately, he was never given a proper chance.

In 2009 he went to Tel Aviv to play for Israeli club Hapoel where at the very first match he managed to score a goal later ranked as the best goal in that season in Israel, and as among top ten goals in Europe that season. With Hapoel he won the cup, a prize this club had waited for a whole decade, as well as the Cup of Israel, when Nemanja was selcted as one of the top reinforcements in the last decade. Unfortunately, by the end of the first part of the season Nemanja suffered an injury which forced him to leave the pich for six months, followed, ufortunately, by a termination of contract with Hapoel.

Then, Nemanja left for Greece, went to Kavala, as a trasnitional period in his career, but at the end of the season Vucicevic signed a contract with one of the top clubs in Cyprus, and in 2011 he became member of Anortosiz Famagusta, a club competing in the European League, and is currently a member of a Turkish club, Manisaspor